Commercial Projects

Food Fight (Oculus Rift – Unity/C#)

In Food Fight you strive to make healthy eating decisions to defeat the Food Goblin. Eat healthy foods to gain power-ups and throw unhealthy food at the Food Goblin to defeat it.

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  • Gameplay Programming
  • Finishing features for full release

Clinical Encounters (PC/Android/iOS/Oculus Rift – Unity/C#)

A complete suite of applications for creating, learning with, and tracking scenario-based clinical training experiences–created especially for health professional educators and students.

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  • XML backend support
  • UI Design
  • Character Creation


ImmersaCAD/vCAD (GearVR, Cardboard – Unity/C#)

ImmersaCAD/vCAD is a tool for the design professional, allowing anyone to freely explore a 3D model in virtual reality from their smartphone. Using a method known as One-Touch Navigation, a user can look in any direction and navigate easily at the touch of a button.




  • Project lead with a team of 6
  • UI Design
  • Optimization
  • VR Navigation
  • Marketing and product demonstrations


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Personal Projects

VR Forklift Simulator (GearVR – Unity/C#)

A 3D, virtual reality simulation of an industrial forklift, designed for the Samsung Gear VR. Includes tutorials and a modeled to-scale warehouse, featuring objectives to test your forklift driving skills.


  • Implemented forklift controls and navigation
  • Mapped head movement to smooth vehicle rotation
  • Implemented lighting, physics, camera
  • Assisted in demonstrations, UI design


TanX VR (GearVR – Unity/C#)

A multiplayer, 3D, virtual reality tank game where up to 8 players can duel each other in an urban style map on the Samsung Gear VR. This was a class project in which I was team lead, with 7+ other students that assisted with art, scripting, models, textures, and testing.


  • Project management, report writing, prioritization of tasks
  • Developed multiplayer data handling, server setup, and gameplay
  • Implemented vehicle controls and virtual reality support